Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Camera Phones to Replace DSLR's?

Nokia's CEO Anssi Vanjoki has gone on the record as saying "there will be no need to carry around those heavy lenses" while talking about the progress being made in cell phone camera technologies in Helsinki yesterday (4/20/10).  He's of the opinion that camera phones will one day soon replace our heavy DSLR's.

He also predicts that HD video will be coming to cell phones within the next 12 months.

I mean honestly, does this man think a cell phone with a sensor the size of a pencil eraser will really challenge a full frame sensor of say a D3s or 1Ds?  Does he really think Hasselblad will fold in the face of the fierce competition fielded by Nokia and their latest cell phone?  I'm guessing he's more than a little off base here.

But the comment about the lenses is really troublesome.  The lens, as we all know, is the most critical piece of hardware for a camera, especially a professional grade camera.  How in the world does he plan on fitting a lens with a f/1.2 aperture that delivers a razor thin depth of field and creamy bokeh on a camera phone?  Obviously the man doesn't understand what a DSLR is or how it works... or why it works.

But then this is the same guy that predicted the N-Gage was going to revolutionize gaming.

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