Friday, February 19, 2010

Welcome to Digital Diffraction

This is a digital photography blog where I will share with you my musings regarding all things related to digital photography, both the technology and the art.

Right now I'm a Canon shooter, but this could change at any time.  I've had an interest in Nikon bodies for some time, mostly the D700 and D3s.  I keep telling myself I could buy some great new Canon lenses for what I would spend buying a Nikon kit to go with my Canon gear (I can't sell it, I love it!).  But we'll see how things play out.

Meanwhile, this isn't a blog dedicated to any one particular brand or camera type.  I'll talk about DSLRs, EVIL's, Pen's, etc.  While most of my experience is obviously with Canon gear and my posts will likely reflect that, I'll also discuss things of interest to me regarding other brands.

Thanks for stopping by and checking my blog out.  I look forward to this little adventure!

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  1. Great pics of the cameras and firearms! I am looking forward to seeing more on your new blog!